Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Grumbles and a BlogBirthday

Wow. So when I actually start trying to keep a regular posting schedule, it turns out I have a fair amount to say. Or at least maybe I’m just more aware of blogworthiness. In any event, as was the case last week, I’m totally swamped at work, but since I’ll be offline at least until Friday (and probably until Sunday or Monday) I wanted to make a few quick posts. This will be the administrivial one (which is easier to write). The more substantive ones. . . well, I'm tired of promising content and delivering meta, so it'll be up when it's up.

Grumble grumble grumble. Last week, I got linked from a site called TeamDandy. This produced a hit spike, which excited me and got me all happy. For like a minute, until I realized that I had a wet computer (don't ask) and a ton of work, and there wasn't going to be any substantive post forthcoming. So all those nice people went away.

Now, eventually I have to sit down and figure out what my relationship is going to be with the hit counter. I make a big deal of this being anonymous, except that anyone who reads it and knows me will glark [fn1] it in about five seconds. I make a big deal out of not publicizing this blog, except whenever I comment on the other blogs I visit, I make sure not only to link to it, but just to make sure Google gets what this blog is about (and stops confusing me with sites about David Frum), I GoogleWangle those comments with a tag like Orthodox Jewish Father. Clearly I'm conflicted.
[FN1:] I know that's not exactly how glark is used, but when I was looking up the link for a dictionary definition of grok (which I also realized wasn't what I meant) I followed links to the word and just really liked it.
But apparently my hits mean something to me, because when I realized that I had a traffic spike that I wasn't going to be able to follow-up with, I kept thinking, Wait! Come Back! There'll be good content soon! (Better link, with related sound file). When I come back from the holiday!!

Which brings me to my next point.

Which holiday? Why Shavuot, in fact! Look at my first post, ever!, footnote 6, for a reference to the very same holiday, just last year.

Which makes it almost exactly a year since I started this blog. A lunar year, anyway; I have a few days for the solar year to swing around. Though I'm not sure if I should count it, since I took that nine month break in the middle there. Happy Birthday to frumdad.blogspot.com!

I know my BlogRoll is a mess, and I know the site could use some template work. I'll do it, honest. Just not right now. Look at the time stamp of this post and realize that I'm still at work, and you can figure the stress I'm feeling to get! out! now!

So that's what I'm going to do.

To those to whom this is appropriate: Have a good holiday.


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