Monday, April 26, 2004

(More) Administrivia

and more blog-to-blog linkage!

Just a little something about my vision, here. I'm hoping to do about one substantive post a week. I'm shooting for Wednesday or Thursday, but sometimes it'll go to Friday or Sunday.[fn1] I'm hoping to ramp up to two or three updates weekly, as I get more facile. And sometimes I'll just be busy at work, and it won't happen, and I'll feel guilty and miserable about it. It's complicated by the fact that G doesn't even know I'm doing this, so I can't disappear for a couple hours on a Sunday to write these entries.
[fn1:] Not Shabbos (Saturday), because even though it's theoretically possible to make an entry Saturday night after sundown, Motzei-Shabbos (Saturday Night, lit. Exiting of Shabbos) is more a spend-time-with-your-wife time than a spend-time-with-your-blog time.
This week I'm hoping for either another substantive entry or for a chance to do something with my sidebar. I want to organize the links and keep the BlogRoll to a minimum. But we'll see.

I bring this up now, because BlogPatrol tells me I have a few actual not-me readers. Not a lot, but that's fine. At the end of the day there's a strange dynamic here, anyway, since I'm really writing this for myself, but I need the conceit of an audience -- and the responsibility of an audience.

Not less than that, though, one of the coolest parts of the traffic blip is that I have actually gotten a few pieces of feedback -- Yay, Pea! (John, props below) -- which is tremendously exciting. I feel an obligation here to point out that I might not (probably won't) respond to all/some of the feedback I get, and like that. It's not that I expect ye olde flood-o'-mail, it's just a general time-management issue I have, but probably no one reading this doesn't have a comparable situation.

Speaking of feedback... Right now I'm using BlogExtra BackBlog for comments. But I did a quick Google search and came up with a few other possibilities. Before I start mucking about with my template, though, I'm willing to hear if anyone has an opinion. It's gotta be free and work with BlogSpot. Easy is better, too.

Also speaking of feedback, and of organizing my links: I've sort of started using this page as a de facto homepage, and in addition to TTU (see this post) one of the blogs I jump to almost every day from here is It's another blog I'm a little leary of mentioning, because it's better than mine, but what are you going to do? Also just like TTU, this post is the "closer" post, the one that made me realize I would be coming back again.

We now return to our regular content -- you know, the one about being a father, not a blogger.


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At Jul 7, 2004 10:33:00 AM, Anonymous said...

[importing from old comment system]

John ( @ 05/09/2004 15:01:

Just so's you know; I've recently moved Colum's content to its own site: Recent searches leading visitors to my blog made me think I should avoid having Colum's content where people searching for "KKK today" might find it...

PS- you're welcome to link to it; I don't know why the comment shows up as "Private".


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