Friday, April 16, 2004


(was Good v. Expeditious, part I)

Please read the apology above for an explanation of the weird content shifts that have been going on here recently.

Or, skip this post, skip the apology, and you're missing none of the FrumDad experience. Trust me.

Ahh... forget it.

As noted in the update of the "Sorry" post above, I've decided that the intellectual honesty angle was a smokescreen.

When I was in college I had a professor who used to circle what he called "sweetheart sentences" on students' papers. They were sentences that contributed nothing and should have been edited out, but of which the student was so enamored that they (the sentence) had stayed in.

So basically my blustering about "intellectual honesty" and so on was just my reluctance to un-publish anything I had given the time and effort to writing.

But blogging isn't just about self-publishing. It's also about self-editing.

Because I linked to them already, and on the conceit that it matters, I'm keeping these links in this post:

This Normal Life
Daniel Gordis' dispatches (Gordis archives here)
pyrrhic victory.


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