Monday, April 19, 2004

Sorry About the Hand-Wringing.

(was Sorry about the Rambling Post below.)

UPDATE: blah blah blah. I really am quite taken with myself, aren't I?

Long story short: I had put up a post, called Good v. Expeditious part I that was, in a word, lousy. In a few more words, it was a rambling, annoying, unfocused piece of frumious uffishness that (most important) was going to take a long time to get around to saying what I was interested in saying.

I had originally edited that post and included an apology for it here. But then I realized that was kind of dumb, since I'm actually in charge of this site and can, if I want to just edit things.

So I did. I took down the bad content, put up a placeholder with a (blessedly short) explanation, and took down the long-winded apology for the bad content and put this here instead.

I am keeping this from the old post, because it still has pertinence:

"In the good news/bad news department, BlogPatrol tells me I've gotten a few hits that weren't from me or people near me who left their computers logged in. Yipee! Of course, the hits peaked before I had updated with anything but the housekeeping and the "I'm too tired" post, so there wasn't any real content since March, and then I got one or two hits with the Good v. Expeditious part I post up there, which (as I've mentioned) was totally lame, so I don't know if anyone's coming back. But we can always hope. There's also the fact that if I start getting traffic I have to leave off the "woe is me, writing to no-one" plaintive whinging that I've gotten used to.

Sorry about all the hand-wringing.



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