Friday, June 11, 2004

I May Have Seemed a Bit Cavalier Last Knight

In an email exchange about my last post, it was pointed out to me that it might not be so easy to dance about throwing away a thousand dollars for some families who can't afford to do so.

Which is exactly my point. My family can't afford to do so. I mean, it's not going to break us, but I'm not exactly biddy biddy bum all day long, either. I said that it would cost over a thousand dollars to replace the sheitels and falls, etc., but not that they'd be replaced anytime soon. If we were in a position for G to just run out and buy new sheitels to replace the ones we're discarding, I'd be less impressed with how she dealt with the whole situation in the first place. Instead, G's got the one sheitel, a few snoods and some tichels.

What I was trying to get at -- and apparently I didn't make it all the way, at least for my interlocutor -- is that there was a hardship in doing the thing I was doing, but that somehow the hardship was subordinate to (or perhaps subsumed into) a bigger, more powerful joy. Connected with the understanding that the joy somehow requires the hardship.

I'm sorry if I came off as cavalier about the financial repercussions of the whole wig situation, or about the financial situations of some of you out there in blogland. Such was not my intention.


[Update: I fixed the links that were all keflooey. Sorry. Thanks to DRiches for alerting me to the issue.]

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