Monday, October 25, 2004

FrumDad Gets Political

This blog is emphatically not a political blog. It is not even, so much as can be helped, a blog about my daughter, who (if I haven't mentioned it, I will now) is perfect, beautiful, wonderful in all ways, and about whom I could easily blog daily if not hourly. It is a blog about the intersection of my identities as Orthodox Jew and Father. It is about (as I have no doubt mentioned a number of times) how Judaism informs my Parenting, and how Parenting informs my Judaism.

But I seem to have written a political post. Also, it seems to be relevant here, in that it deals with, in some measure, exactly the topic (or topics, if you must) of this blog.

So. This entry isn't the entry. This entry is the entry.

Even though it'll probably scuttle my book deal, go ahead.

(There really was talk of a book deal. But it was crazy talk. And if it wasn't crazy talk, then this really will probably scuttle it. My target audience is pretty firmly Bush, and I'm, well, pretty firmly not. I may have to get Google AdSense to make up for it.)

In any event.

FrumDad Gets Political. A post so off-topic I gave it its own blog.

To those I will offend -- which will be most of you -- I love you still, and am the same nutty FD who made all those comments you liked before. There is an actual coherent whole to my philosophical and political leanings, and if we had days enough and time (and inclination), we could explore that.



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At Oct 29, 2004 1:38:00 PM, Z said...

I personally LOVED it. You present your case extremely well. Bravo!

At Nov 2, 2004 1:42:00 PM, flea said...

I loved Political Frum Dad! Admittedly, a good chunk of the love is because you're leaning left, but whatever.

On a non-partisan note, I love reading your blog. I learn so much!

~flea, who voted SO HARD this morning.


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