Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm Ba-ack!

No, I didn't trip and fall off the continent. No I haven't given up on this blog. In fact, my problem's the opposite; I have this off-topic political post I want to write, and every time I start drafting it I get so wound up I end up making no sense. Even thinking about it now, I'm getting all... grrrrr...

Anyway. I'll probably do an interim post because Rachel's been so awesome and excellent in the past few weeks and she's got me thinking about the nature of laughter and some other Torah subjects. That kind of stuff is, after all, what my few (but dedicated) readers keep coming back for.

That and when I bash Luke Ford over at Protocols. But I only do that for the traffic spike.

So, I'm back, and I'm checking in. Sorry for the absence.

While I'm at it, though, I'm going to plug:

The subject this month is adaptation. I'm not a hundred percent sure that this is on-point, but I'm going to submit my previous The Biggest Lesson post for this one.


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At Sep 9, 2004 4:05:00 AM, Rachel Ann said...

I was wondering where you have got to!!!! And I know what you mean by draft and trash; I do that often as well. I can't torture my few readers too much.

At Sep 9, 2004 8:50:00 AM, Rachel Ann said...

Well I did post a comment! I guess it dissappeared into space. I had wondered where you were and what happened to you.

I have the same experience; I have what I think, might be a great idea for a blog post and then can't get the words out right.

Good luck with the contest.


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