Sunday, August 22, 2004

Totally Busted.

blah blah blah... "real content" coming soon, blah blah blah.
And now, the news.

As of checking my email today, something has happened that I knew would happen, but by which I am still pleasantly surprised.

I have been totally found out. Viz, this email send to my FrumDad account:


Good to hear your voice, albeit in
blog form-your "DoubleThink and Prayer"
was thought provoking. I hope that
you, [HW'S REAL NAME] and
[RACHEL's REAL NAME] are doing well.

Busted by whom, you might ask?

By one of my favorite people in the entire world, one of the most wonderful women I've ever had the privilege to know. I'll call her MHFS[fn1], but I won't use her name, or link to her graphic design studio (per Google) unless she tells me it's okay.
[fn1:] My Holy Friend S. I was just going to call her "S," but in light of the post immediately preceeding (or following, what's the protocol there?) this one, I thought I'd go with the honorific acronym.
I've said in other posts that "anyone who reads [this blog] and knows me will [figure it out] it in about five seconds."

I don't know how long it took S, but it looks like she dunnit!

Why am I so happy about this? I don't know. I just think it's nice that (a) my 'voice' is sufficiently unique that (combined with any facts I allude to) it's enough to identify me, and (b) my friends can spot me in a crowd.


And, a special note to S and anyone else who figures this out... you can also email me at [my first name]@[my last name].com

See pictures of the baby at (Do a last name search.)

A special note to everyone else: Yeah, it's a tease. It's like a puzzle. Here's another hint: Mike Royal for President! (and not the Young Republican Google turns up.)

[Update 8/8/2005]
Apparently, the underlying theme around here is "the women I've loved," as it seems that this blog somehow attracts them in their casual surfing. MHFS came by and shot me an email, as noted. And somewhere else around here I mentioned that the wonderful H pulled a similar stunt. And now, about ten days ago, I received a short and wonderful missive from... well, I'll call her S (just to bother her -- she was never particularly fond of her middle name). About S, I cannot conjure the sufficiently wistful, significant, joyful, earth-shaking, heart-shattering description. Let it suffice to say that in the mix of what little I know about love, there is a fair measure that I know because of her, and a touch that I know despite her.

Happy Birthday, S. I know; I owe you a letter. Yours is right here on my desk; I've got nine days 'till it's a whole year old. (I won't make the deadline, btw. See forthcoming actual post.)


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