Monday, July 19, 2004

Welcome Protocols readers

I don't really get the joke in this post by Luke Ford over at Protocols, though I am a bit concerned about Luke Ford's interest in my body.
But it's bringing some eyeballs, so maybe there's an upside.
Welcome.  This blog is primarily about how being an Orthodox Jew informs my being a parent, and how being a parent informs my Orthodoxy.  My
most recent substantive post is a look at the connection between Torah and breastmilk.
I try to post something substantive every 10 days or so.  I don't always keep to that schedule, and usually get traffic spikes in the slow bits. (See
here and here.)
In his link here, LF calls me Frum "Don't Associate Me With Luke Ford In Any Way" Dad.  I don't feel a need to explain fully here, but for the curious it stems from a series of comments surrounding the minor controversy between Stephen Weiss at the now-defunct
Fiddish and Chayyei Sarah at her epo- and pseudo- nymous blog.
Substantive content coming soon, we hope.
That is all.


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your site is worthless and you are boring.


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